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Noxious Weed Removal and Plant Swap

Jun 11, 2023

Learn about and eradicate some of the worst noxious weeds we have here in Spokane.

On Sunday, join us at High Bridge Park to learn about noxious weeds, followed by hands-on experience identifying and removing weeds!

We will be educating folks on noxious versus invasive plants. It is early in the season, which is the best time for preventing the weeds from going to seed. We won't be able to eradicate all of the weeds, but we can curb the problem and promote the growth of the native plants that thrive here! Some of the noxious weeds we will pull are Hounds Tongue, Knapweed, Salsify, Canadian Thistle, and others.

We will be picking up trash in the park while pulling weeds -- be sure to wear long pants and sunscreen!

In addition to removing bad plants, we'll also be hosting a plant swap. Bring something you think someone else would enjoy, and get your hands on an awesome plant for yourself!

Refreshments will be provided, looking forward to seeing you and pulling weeds together.

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