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Regenerative Landscape Design

Build a Self-Nourishing Ecosystem

We take a hands-on approach to Regenerative Landscape Design. By creating systems that nourish themselves, we help our clients enjoy the bounty and beauty of their land while giving back to it at the same time.

Environmental Restoration

Fire Mitigation and Soil Regeneration

Very often a plot of land has experienced some trauma and needs remediation, or sometimes a site just isn't ready for what you want it to ultimately become. Using natural strategies we can mend the soil and scars of the earth to help it become productive once more.

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Manicured Garden

Hardscape Construction

Lasting Designs Take Cues from Nature

Walkways, patios, pathways and sidewalks all bolster curb appeal and add to the finished product of a home. Make a statement with a design that mimics the curves and flows that exist in nature, foregoing straight lines and square angles.

Water and Greywater Harvesting

Saving H2O in a Dryland Ecosystem

Clients across the Inland Northwest come to us to help solve their watering and irrigation issues. Harvesting the snow we get during the winter and the sparse rains we get through the year can help make a huge difference on the amount of water that goes into a yard.

Falling Leaves
Manicured Garden

Compost Removal/Distribution

Put your Waste back into the Cycle

Recycle your compost and yard waste back into your own soil with our year-round composting program. We'll pick it up once every 2 weeks (or whenever we come to visit) and bring it back when it's time to topdress. No more smelly pile in your back yard or kitchen!

Seasonal Maintenance

Keep your Yard Tidy

Although Regenerative Landscapes are inherently low maintenance, every garden needs tending. We are excited to work out a schedule that works for you, even if that just means a couple of times a year for spring cleaning and fall raking.

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